GOODS© (General Optimization of Distribution Systems) is a modeling framework designed to support the analysis of freight traffic flows at the regional or urban level. The GOODS© model uses data on current traffic flows, regional economic growth potentials, and specific industrial development proposals to develop total freight traffic flows and forecasts
The methods used in the GOODS© model include specific and different analysis systems for bulk, unitized traffic (container or trailer on flat car or truck), and parcel traffic. Bulk traffic is forecast on a product-specific basis (e.g., coal, ores, grains, and oil), while non-bulk traffic is forecast using more aggregate maket-related techniques. The impact of new routes, infrastructure, costs, or service implications is assessed to provide both modal and route choice traffic predictions. 
The evaluation processes of the GOODS© model include both financial and economic analyses that identify the commercial potential of new transportation infrastructure, as well as the economic benefits to users and surrounding communities. The GOODS© model operates directly in conjunction with the Economic Rent Model RENTS© to provide output benefits (employment, income, and property values) associated with any specific freight infrastructure improvement. 



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